Care of the air mattress

This mattress style will last years with proper care. Avoid a puncture by clearing the set up area of sharp objects (empty your pockets too). Obvious: It's not a trampoline. It's not a water toy....Take care if you decorate the outer duffel pocket with buttons to only pin to the pocket fabric (not the mattress). Clean the mattress by brushing and wiping with a damp cloth. It's made from a waterproof material so works great as ground cover.

Don't forget to close the exit valve

Rookie mistake. It will never fill up with air if you don't!

Take your shoe off to inflate the mattress

Cover and seal the pump intake valve with the ball or heel of your foot on the down stroke for maximum air exchange. Bare feet or socks work fine. Shoes usually won't seal the valve well. It takes us about 90 seconds to inflate the mattress by foot.

Bedroll Washing

Remove the air mattress from the anchor straps and toss the bedroll in a large washer. Use cold water and a gentle cycle. Low heat or air dry and fluff before you reattach the mattress and pack up. Use a bio friendly detergent too. : )

Packs up quick

After the air is out of the mattress (go ahead and sit on it for a minute), fold the combo and place on the open duffel bag with cinch straps extended and ready to do their magic. Center it so the ends will stuff easily when ready. Use the two cinch straps with hook/loop closure to compact the Z-roll into the duffel. Pull it tight and secure the hook/loop. Use the two quick release clasps at the opening to hold the closure together while you zip up.

See included instructions

We printed some basic instructions on the inside pocket of the duffel and on the air mattress foot pump. Relax. ; )


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