Is Z-roll easy to carry?

Yes. The bedroll shape is easy to sling across your back or over your shoulder and we padded the shoulder strap. The combined weight of the bedroll, air mattress and the duffel bag is about 10 lbs. A little heavy for deeper back country use (but you would have an awesome night's sleep). This bedroll style is a great fit for car camping, music festivals, in your RV, an extra company bed or a grab and go sleeping system when "life" happens. 

How durable is the air mattress?

Very durable. Made from heavy-duty 240T Pongee fabric with quality construction and fittings. The 4lb weight equates to a tougher material. Care should be taken to avoid puncture but in our field testing, the mattress was used continuously over several seasons without issue. It even kept a full charge of air for a week. A couple pumps of air before bed is expected with this style.

How can you personalize the Z-roll?

Some cool ways to personalize the large outer pocket:

1. Add iron-on or sewn patches

2. Attach collectable buttons (careful of the air mattress)

3. Write or decorate the pocket with a permanent sharpie marker.

We'd love to see what you do so send pics!

4. We added a ID Card pocket by the side handle so you'll know it's yours.

How do you wash Z-roll?

Clean bedding is easy. Remove the air mattress and the rest goes in a large washing machine, gentle cycle with cold water. Consider a bio friendly detergent. Low heat or air dry and fluff before packing up. The fabrics are durable and were chosen for their cleaning properties. It stores well for the next time.

Do you have other sizes?

Just the one for now. KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid : ). We looked at the  industry standard sizes for regular and tall sleeping bags and chose a point right in the middle to get Z-rolling. Stay tuned.

What is your warranty?

You are the most important part of the Z-roll. Your satisfaction and referrals are everything to us. We offer a full refund with-in 30 days or the replacement of a defective product. The Z-roll is a quality product made in the USA. We stand behind our choice of air mattress too. See our Details page for more info.


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