A roomy bedroll sleeping bag fitted to an air mattress for camping.

Z-roll. The Go Anywhere Bed

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Comfort and Convenience

Z-roll is a new style of bedroll with an integrated air mattress. Perfect for camping, music festivals, travel and the unexpected.

Z-roll is your all-in-one sleep system. No more searching for your sleeping bag, camping mattress, and a pillow--with Z-roll it's truly all in the bag.

Your new travel buddy

  • Fits a 6'-2" height easy plus we added six inch high sides for side sleepers
  • Full-length zippers on both sides for temperature control and easy access
  • Foot-action mattress inflation takes only 90 seconds
  • Bedroll attaches to the air mattress (so you'll never roll-off)
  • The duffel is made with durable weather-resistant fabric to withstand the elements
  • Easy to pack up with cinch straps and heavy duty zippers
  • Machine washable bedroll
  • Made in the USA






"Having the integrated air mattress is pretty sweet. Compact design and carry bag is nice as well ."

"Z-roll can be inflated on the go with the foot pump and the mattress connected to the sleeping bag so you can't roll off is great!"

About Us

Origin Story


Counting Sheep. Z-roll was truly a "middle-of the-night" revelation. While on a short notice road trip, I was fine with sleeping on a couch for a night. I forgot how miserable that could be. At 2 am I moved the cushions and blanket to the floor. Repeat miserable. I spent the night thinking of a better way. Design for comfort and convenience. Easy set up. Easy pack up.

I'm a camper who's never liked the mummy bag "fit". Too confining. A classic rectangle shape sleeps better (like a bed). We improved comfort by adding six inch high sides. This adds a LOT of room to the sleeping space and is great for side sleepers. Full length zippers provide ventilation and ease of use. Tabs keep the top secure while unzipped.

The air mattress needed to be comfortable, durable and easy to inflate "in the field". We traded a little weight for durability (Puncture resistant). Our built-in foot-action pump style is convenient and quick to inflate to a cushy 3.5". Thick enough you won't hit ground when you roll over.

Pack-up is always a hassle because you want to be gone already. Our simple "stuff and go" design works really well. Deflate the mattress, fold the combo and place on the open duffel, cinch tight and zip up. 

Finally, the total weight of the combination bedroll, air mattress and duffel was a big consideration. Our Z-roll solution is about 10 lbs. Perfect for most adventures but perhaps on the heavy side for back country where every ounce counts. Understood. : )

Made in the USA.

We hope Z-roll will be your new travel buddy.


Show us how you roll


Spending time with family and friends makes for lifetime memories. Camping, stargazing, music festivals, spur of the moment road trips, or the unexpected life event. Share your Z-roll stories and photos with us on Facebook.

Z-roll will evolve. Please tell us what you like, don't like and features you'd like to see in the future. Send us a message below. 

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A clean, dry place to sleep = Social Conscience


Giving back is the rest of our story.

We contribute new Z-rolls from each production to a variety of worthy causes suggested by Z-rollers at Visit our Facebook for updates on this initiative. 

We're making eco conscious decisions on all aspects of this business from the materials to the manufacture and delivery pipeline. Where, how and what materials are used to make the Z-roll is an on-going effort.

See our Details page for more information.

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